Armed Security Guard Jobs

Armed Security Guard Jobs Are Available


Despite the economic downtrend, armed security guard jobs are available and waiting for the right applicant. Throughout the United States and all over the world, major businesses are looking for guards to protect their company’s from infiltration by thieves. Even secure living communities have been hiring these people as insurance to their safety within the gated community.


Each position that you apply for will most likely have some stringent requirements that you must meet. First and foremost you must be licensed to carry a firearm by the state or locality in which you are seeking employ. In the United States, you must be a citizen and be no less than twenty one years of age.


armed security guard jobs

You will also be fingerprinted and your background will be thoroughly checked. Any past criminal record will prove you to be ineligible for employment. The same regulations would apply in regard to any drug or alcohol use. Your past must be clear of misdemeanors or felonies.


Your current physical health will also come under scrutiny. If in the performance of your job you are called upon to to perform arduous duties, you must be fit to carry them out. Any past experience in the field of security will be beneficial. Prison guards often retire and turn to this profession as a supplement to retirement income. Their training or any college degree such as criminal justice, puts them in good stead for getting the position.


It should be made clear that these backgrounds are not mandatory but rather desirable. Being bi-lingual is another plus but again, it is not compulsory. What is demanded is a mental and physical background above reproach. In this field you will likely be working in banks or government positions. The position could be carried out as a one time job opportunity such as outdoor functions where there is a large chance that people could be mugged or otherwise harmed.


The applicant has to be comfortable with both the position and carrying a loaded firearm. Occasionally, the fact that you have a firearm on your person will draw the criminal that is armed to you. Criminals see armed guards as the restraint they need to eliminate in order to perform their criminal act. How you would react to this type of individual must be ingrained.


Because the position in some cases comes with a higher degree of danger than others, your pay will be commiserate to the job that you do. The more you are putting yourself in harm’s way, the higher your wages will be. Looking into the future, these positions look to be continually growing. The right individual will be well compensated.


If you feel this is a position that you could work in, armed security guard jobs are always available to the right applicant. If you meet the criteria that is set forth, many companies will pay for any training that you may need to perform your job to the best of your ability. Lucrative wages along with major benefits draw a large number of applicants despite any danger that may be involved.



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